Triangle Solar Farm

Site Difficulties

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the client-controlled ICP works were delayed due to a delay in the installation of a pole-mounted connection for the project by the DNO. This delay was identified towards the end of the construction programme and after the delivery of major equipment to site, where cold commissioning had already commenced and the warranty periods for major equipment had commenced also.


The project team installed temporary generators to ensure the project had sufficient import supply to maintain the condition of the site equipment during the period of delay. In order to ensure that the delay to energisation was minimised, all works on site that could be completed early was done so to ensure that export could be achieved at the earliest opportunity.

The project was one of only two at the time that had been successful in the CfD round (and subsequently the first energised and completed CfD project for utility-scale solar PV), therefore it was of paramount importance that the relevant authorities and funding bodies were kept aware at all times of the progress, cause for delay and potential solutions. The project team hosted regular scheduled meetings with all stakeholders to ensure that a collaborative approach to resolution could be found.

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Project Details

Soham, Cambridgeshire

12 MW