Cassava Flour filling the gap for Gluten-Free product demand

17 September 2020

Cassava Flour filling the gap for Gluten-Free product demand

The demand for food products free from gluten is growing globally, with gluten-free being the fastest-growing food intolerance

Adroit Market Research projects a compound annual growth rate of 9.5% from 2019 to 2025 for revenue of $6.43 billion by 2025 in gluten-free products. Gluten is the proteins found in wheat, rye, triticale, and barley, which causes intestinal damage for consumers with gluten intolerance. Many consumers buying gluten-free products suffer from coeliac disease and follow a strict gluten-free diet as the only treatment for managing the disease and reducing the risk of other complications. Besides consumers with gluten intolerances, the buying habits of consumers are changing with the increasing awareness regarding adopting healthy lifestyles through healthy diets and are influenced by natural and organic ingredients consumption. There is a perception that gluten-free foods ease digestive ailments, lower cholesterol levels, and could be less fattening.

Gluten-free foods include products made from gluten-free flour or the naturally occurring gluten-free food like fruits, vegetables, potato, lentils, unprocessed meat, and fish. Constant innovation has made gluten-free foods more palatable as well as convenient, helping in boosting the market growth. Gluten-free substitutes include foods such as pasta, bread, cereals, flour, biscuits, and snack foods, in which wheat flour is replaced by gluten-free flour. New product categories are also growing around condiments, seasonings, and spreads. The rising ethnically diverse population and consumer tastes for ethnic and spicy flavours have opened new avenues for culturally authentic products resulting in the Free From segment growth.

Finding certified Free From wheat flour alternatives has been one of the food industry’s great challenges

Especially in the challenging world of less than 3 ppm of detection required by most majors. This is down from 20 ppm some years back.  Initial product launches featured rice flour, gums, and other hydrocolloids now ingredients like ancient grains, psyllium husk and pulses are adding fibre and other health attributes are matching up with other diets, including paleo and grain-free.  Pulses have become a popular choice for making gluten-free pasta, baked foods, and snacks and gaining a strong appeal from health-oriented shoppers who seek products high in protein and fibre. One key product filling this gap is Cassava Flour, which is gaining momentum as a “go-to” gluten-free, grain-free flour.  Cassava flour is used in recipes in place of traditional grain-based flours or even gluten-free flour blends.

Rising awareness regarding healthy diet including natural, organic, and gluten-free and Free From foods is expected to drive continued growth into the foreseeable future. The demand is estimated to continue in substantial growth with the increasing number of consumers with gluten-intolerances. The growth in consumer awareness regarding health and naturally healthy products contribute to the development of new products in the condiments, seasonings, and spreads.

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