Glove Allergies Explained Part One of Four

27 June 2021

Glove Allergies Explained Part One of Four

What causes allergies and what types of allergies exist?

Allergies from gloves can cause massive disruptions. Learn about what causes different types of allergies below so you can be aware as to what to look out for.

What causes Latex allergies?

Latex allergy is caused from latex proteins contained in natural rubber latex. A latex allergy can occur in two ways – either through direct contact from wearing a latex glove or through Inhalation from latex particles which you can breathe in. The amount of airborne latex in gloves differs greatly depending on the brand of glove used.

How prevalent are Latex allergies?

Only 2% of the population experience latex allergy symptoms. Those frequently exposed to latex seem to be at the greatest risk. People with other sensitivities such as food allergies are also more likely to react to latex. Newer gloves are much less likely to cause workers to develop allergies, as manufacturers are becoming more successful in leaching gloves which involves washing them after manufacture to reduce the amount of residual proteins.