Glove factories forced to close with COVID-19 outbreak

1 December 2020

COVID-19: Glove factories forced to close as thousands of employees test positive for Coronavirus.

As cases of the COVD-19 virus continue to rise and fall across the world, Santé have become increasingly aware of the virus implications in key manufacturing locations for disposable gloves – most notably in Malaysia. Reports have been published by multiple media outlets, confirming that one of the largest glove manufacturers will be closing 28 of its manufacturing plants as a result of almost 2500 employees testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 in an attempt to control the outbreak. So far nearly 5,800 employees have been screened.

We have now been notified that the Majlis Keselamatan Negara (National Security Council) of Malaysia has made it mandatory for the 1.7 million foreign workers in Malaysia to undergo COVID-19 screening. Santé have recognised that this recent COVID outbreak and factory closures is going to have a huge impact on glove supply chains globally.

As a company we have taken action to secure further glove production slots with respected manufacturers around the globe – setting us apart in both the strength of our supply chain and ability to satisfy the demand. We have rapidly deployed resources to secure lines of supply, meaning you as our client receive premium value, traceability and speed. Our ways of working mean increased efficiencies and reliability for you; with substantial production capacity secured to guarantee your product when you need it, scalability for increased demand during times of need and established direct relationships with premium freight carriers for reliable scheduling.

With the above in mind, the team at Santé are looking forward to supporting you with any PPE requirements or queries you may have. As always you can be assured that our 6 Pillars of Trust™ show the extensive validation and risk elimination procedures we go through – guaranteeing a streamlined, risk free-supply chain for our clients. As demand for gloves and other PPE items continues to rise, we would encourage you to reach out to discuss any pain points you may have.

Our global supply chain team’s client centric consultancy approach is continuing to drive accountability, reliability, risk mitigation and quality control into every supplier we onboard – guaranteeing you as our client the quality assurance and certainty you deserve among these times of challenge.

 We trust you find this update insightful and aligned with the interests of the industry.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.