Santé’s approach to Project Advisory

At Santé, our clients’ vision is our goal. We understand that there is no such thing as a standard project, instead we’re unpacking every different requirement & tailoring solutions to meet each & every client’s needs and objectives.


Project Advisory

Our success is due to our talented people, collective expertise, and ability to provide innovative solutions to our clients. You can rely on our global experience & track record for expert advice – whatever the size and location of your project or the nature of your industry sector. Whether you are a property owner or investor, user, manager, developer, builder, government department or private individual, we can work with you to create a solution to meet and fully satisfy your specific needs.

You’ll find us in Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, India, Canada, North America, Central America, and the Pacific – providing consultancy services for public and private sector clients. When you work with Santé, you work with the collective thinking of 863 of the profession’s best people. Our people are strategists, designers, innovators, consultants & technologists – all working together to build trust in society & solve important problems.

We’re one of the world’s leading international consultancy firms – but we’re not only large, we’re fiercely independent. We co-create and co-innovative solutions that help you solve challenges, mitigate risk, improve resilience & drive sustainable growth. This is the world of Santé: a world of seamless & efficient consultancy services delivered through partnering with our clients, so no matter what lies again, you can emerge stronger. Today and tomorrow.


Business Advisory
Future planning and Economic Forecasting
Analytics and research
Risk Advisory


Financial Modelling
Growth Planning
Conceptual Solutions


Value Planning and Engineering
Risk Mitigation and Management
Engineering and Problem Solving


Supply chain solutions
Construction Services
Delivering Business Objectives and outcome

Telecommunications Infrastructure Project Management

Within our project management consultancy division, a large part of our experience includes work within the telecommunication & fibre optic networking sector. Santé works with clients internationally to seamlessly facilitate all the design, construction & technical components needed to complete fibre optic network installations – even where faced with tight timelines & sensitive working conditions. Our collective expertise & internal talent enables a multi-disciplined approach spanning the life cycle of your project – from project initiation to project completion.

Remaining effective in today’s diverse and ever-changing communications technology landscape requires diverse tool sets and capabilities, and this is where Santé’s experience provides the means to deploy and sustain vital fibre optic networks at optimal performance. Constant communication & collaboration across our global project management division drives best practices and lessons learned knowledge to maximize efficiencies, on top of continuous value engineering to deliver the best value without compromising your design vision.

Key stages of the project outlined below:

01 – Strategy Development
02 – Concept Design
03 – Documentation & Compliance
04 – Construction Lead-in & Preparation
05 – Construction
05 – Restoration
06 – Technical

Santé are project managing infrastructure projects in a way that allows fibre optic connectivity to become a reality – getting networks deployed faster & allowing the communities we work in to operate at the speed of globalization.