We have partnered with TradeLink International!

22 September 2020

We have partnered with TradeLink International!

Santé is pleased to announce we have partnered with industry-leading professionals TradeLink International who specialize in sourcing, logistics, and bespoke packaging requirements. Our skillsets seamlessly align, and we believe our unique process is a solution to the issues arising in a new era in the food industry.

The issue

Global supply chains suffer from critical breaks in their processes that create an avenue for unreliability and bake in unnecessary costs due to inefficiency and double-handling.

The answer

Santé, by contrast, endeavors to eliminate waste by circumventing unnecessary supply blockages, instead connecting farmers and consumers with a seamless yet trusted, traceable process.

Our supply promise

A deep pool of capital resource combined with our logistical and organizational capabilities expedites critical food supply movements around the world in the most demanding supply environments.

TradeLink International: boots on the ground in every continent

Our partner of choice, TradeLink International, has demonstrated their intricate knowledge of global supply chains, food quality standards, sourcing expertise, combined with utilizing platforms that integrate and bring together buyers and suppliers from the world over.

One team, endless possibilities

TradeLink International and Santé bring to the table the capacity and capability to respond to the fluctuations of the global food industry.

Redundancy planning

Scalability and adaptability is exhibited in our agility in supply, processing and packaging, where we’re able to source from multiple suppliers, effectively reducing risk in the supply chain and getting your goods to you no matter the circumstances.

A partnership you can trust

We go right back to the food source, effectively utilizing water-tight methods to establish their genuineness, reliability, and ethical soundness.

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