Advance Auto Parts Private Label Gloves


Massachusetts, USA

  • Product OEM Glove Range
  • Quantity 50 Million Gloves / yr
  • Timing Ongoing

Client Need

Autopart International, a division of Advance Auto Parts based in Norton, Massachusetts, has long had their own private product line which includes filters, hydraulics, and brake pads. For many years, they distributed nationally recognized brands for disposable gloves including Ansell and AMMEX and were looking to bring the product line under their NPN label. Their current partners were unable to fulfill this request so they began accommodating solutions from other potential vendors.

Santé Solution

Santé Group evaluated the current sales projections and glove types of the Auto Parts International range. They submitted multiple options and went through extensive approval process including feedback from top customers of Advance Auto Parts. They consolidated the offering to two key specifications and designed NPN private label disposable hand protection packaging. In addition, the completed a review of market pricing/end-user pricing to ensure Advance Auto Parts is competitively placed to increase private label sales.

End Result

Through Santé’s connections to multiple manufacturers they conducted a full RFP process for 7 mil diamond grip nitrile and 7 mil industrial latex. The end result was superior products helping Autopart International to grow their sales and drive customers to their NPN private label.


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