A message from our team

In conjunction with our approach to Next Generation Sourcing, here at Santé we are dedicated to providing a positive social impact on society, our communities, and the environment for the next generation. We aim to use our standing as a global consortium to continue to act as a good citizen in advancing the global sustainability agenda – prioritising our efforts on the most rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards.

A commitment to the principles of corporate social responsibility complements our business strategy and corporate values, aligning Santé with global best practices and proven methodologies – establishing new precedents for the future of workplace safety and supply on a global scale. We will continue to invest resources and actively work towards creating positive transformational change, guaranteeing a seamless, stronger and smarter solution for all stakeholders.

At Santé, we have placed trust at the very apex of who and what we are – safeguarding business around the world through committed, reliable relationships. Integrated CSR considerations are factored into all business operations, centering our whole approach around the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Global Compact.

We would love to see ourselves as consistent economic drivers, contributing positively and effectively to the main pillars of sustainability – social, environmental and economic. Recognising the importance of these three factors alongside our global procurement and distribution network is of upmost importance and leaves our due diligence obligations as a first priority.

Sebastian Parsons
EMEA Director

Responsible trading and ethical sourcing

Responsible trading and ethical sourcing are two founding principles for our approach to CSR at Santé. Employees, contractors and suppliers all need to truly understand and comply with the high standards we expect in view of ensuring a good trade environment. This is why ‘Supplier Validation’ is the first category in our ‘Six Pillars of Trust’. This rigorous, but fair process involves partnering with top-tier law firms to negotiate new supply agreements, validate supplier legitimacy and their ability to supply.

We intend to develop and maintain ethical supplier relationships, based on mutual benefit and a shared commitment to meet, and exceed our customers’ requirements. We take a risk-based approach towards supplier auditing, monitoring performance in the areas of human rights, corruption, legal compliance, and quality standards. Where required, we will work with suppliers to improve practices within the value chain.

Fundamentally, our approach to next generation sourcing and the 6 Pillars of Trust methodology combines a shared desire to progress beyond traditional source and supply solutions, instead preferring to actively promote and engage transparent solutions that acknowledge our social responsibilities and the evolving needs of society.

Employment and Society

We understand that our commitment to making a difference expands beyond our operations, here at Santé we want to act responsibly and fairly towards all stakeholders: employee participation, job security, development opportunities and equal opportunities are all key dynamics in a fair and non-discriminatory environment.

We are committed to advancing respect for human rights, building diverse and inclusive workplaces, as outlined in the United Nations Ethics Documentation. We strive to ensure all colleagues enjoy their work and are given opportunities to advance and grow within their career. Focusing on improving the rights and well-being of staff, reviewing issues including remuneration, recruitment, induction, health and safety, whistleblowing, working conditions, diversity and training.

Environmental Management

Throughout all strategy and business operations, we pledge to respect the environment, acting in a way in which we can help preserve the planet and contribute towards an undamaged environment. We are committed to operating our business activities in a way that minimizes our potential impact on the environment, enabling a circular economy where waste is eliminated, and the continual use of resources is promoted.

Consideration of all environmental factors is a large concern in all decision-making processes, as we try to minimize all potential environmental impact. Parallel to this, a dedication for continuous improvement involves regular reviews and monitoring of all progress made against our commitments.

In conjunction with our Next Generation Sourcing, here at Santé we like to consider both the present and future impacts that our decisions will have on the environment and risk-manage these factors appropriately.