DePue Solar Farm

  • Location DePue, IL
  • Size (MW) 27
  • Number of Modules 80,136
  • Number of Piles N/A (Ballasted)
  • Number of Trackers N/A (Fixed-Tilt)

Project Overview

The DePue solar project is a 27MW project constructed over 100 acres in DePue, Illinois. The project includes polycrystalline modules on a ballasted, fixed-tilt racking system, installed on a brownfield site. The project sells electricity to the utility as well as Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to various local utilities.

Project Challenges

As a project on a brownfield site, it required close coordination with both the state and federal EPA to ensure all permits and approvals were obtained prior to construction.

In addition, site logistics were complicated by strict requirements with respect to equipment and vehicles traversing the capped brownfield site.


We partnered with local subcontractors and suppliers that had previous experience working on brownfield sites and understood how to execute their scopes within those unique conditions.

Close and frequent communication between all trades was also critical to ensure optimal construction flow and completion in accordance with contractual obligations.


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