Rapid Air Purification Roll Out in NSW

  • Units 2,500
  • Timeframes 6 Weeks


The NSW Department of Education, since the beginning of 2020, has been implementing innovative programs to improve infection control indoors for schools. After recommendations from WHO and other independent bodies, it was proven that proper air filtration will dramatically reduce the risk of infection by removing foreign matter, including viral particles, from the air.


With this new recommendation, the need for a purifier became a reality. However, in order to be a successful purchase, requirements such as effective clean air delivery rate (CADR), air changes per hour, filtration efficiency and digital intelligence were important. Firstly in order to manage properly, and secondly to ensure that the unit is effective and fit for purpose, delivering real value.


Westlab’s Aeris product made a perfect fit for the requirements, and more. The Swiss design made it a highly simple yet effective unit which would prove crucial for success. Working through an extensive tender process, the Aeris Aair 3-in-1 Pro filtration unit was chosen for immediate rollout.


Public schools throughout NSW are now successfully using the Aeris units, and now have access to a full suite of digital automation options, enabling smart fleet management. With units completely delivered within 1 week, infection risk has successfully been decreased for schools throughout NSW.


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