Defence supply

Tactical Equipment

Santé Defense is a leading supplier of specialist military equipment and combat gear to professional international militaries and government defense departments across the globe.

The brands we represent are carefully selected and validated to ensure on time delivery and complete quality of service. Our defense capabilities cover several categories including tactical clothing, tactical optics, robotics & military vehicles.

Santé Defense appreciate the sacrifice & efforts of those working hard to defend our countries and are working extensively to rapidly validate manufacturers of the highest-standard tactical equipment and solutions, all of which is ready for immediate deployment.

Rations & Bulk Nutrition Supply

Sante Group’s Defense Division are working with military departments & governments across the globe to ensure the supply of military rations, MRE’s and nutrition supply.

A strong understanding of health & functional ingredient requirements enables our team to work closely with clients to develop and produce the best possible ration solutions for use in relief efforts, disaster preparedness & defence operations across the globe.