How was your EXPERIENCE with SANTé?

Here at Santé, we aim to exceed customer experience expectations across the entire contracting process & beyond. Your feedback is important to help us achieve and maintain this level of service. This short, X-question survey should take you less than X minutes to complete, and your responses will shape our culture of continuous improvement.


    1. Were product and delivery expectations clearly explained by the Santé team before the order was executed?
    2. Do you find the ongoing communications from the Santé team meaningful and important?
    3. Are the roles and responsibilities of each of the members of the Santé Team clear?
    4. Does the Santé Group Team respond to inquiries/issues/freight delays in a timely manner?
    5. Please rate the Santé Teams problem solving capabilities
    6. Do you find the Santé finance/administrative process clear, accurate and timely?
    7. Do you find the cost of products fair for the level of service and quality of product received?
    8. How satisfied are you overall with the Santé Integrated Procurement and Logistics Process?
    9. How satisfied are you with Santé Groups performance overall?
    10. Based on your experience so far, how likely are you to refer Santé to an industry partner?
    11. What can we be doing better, what are we doing well, and what can we be doing to make job easier?