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Being the subject of a current paradigm shift, air quality is currently a key topic. Westlab and Santé Group hosted a webinar covering knowledge and insights from key specialists in facilities management and consultancy for Workplace Hygiene, Fluid Dynamics and tips on how to effectively manage air in a workplace environment.


The discussion concerns the power of HEPA Filtration and other devices used in healthcare, corporate education & residential sectors when managing clean air quality. The history and background of indoor air quality & strategies used to improve indoor air was also on topic.


Doctor Jeffrey Siegel

Professor at the University of Toronto


Doctor Jeffrey Siegel is a Professor in the Department of Civil and Mineral Engineering at the University of Toronto. He is internationally recognized for his work regarding indoor air quality.



Doctor Elliott Gall

Portland State University


Doctor Elliott Gall is an Associate Professor at Portland State University where he leads a healthy building research laboratory. Here fundamental and applied research is conducted and explores many of the factors that impact exposure to air inside our buildings.

Ted Fowler

Westlab, Director


Ted Fowler works closely with healthcare, corporate & education sectors to implement HEPA Filtration solutions for shared spaces, with extensive background & knowledge of both air movement and extraction.



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A comprehensive whitepaper on understanding air quality during a pandemic, and its impact on our workplaces, featuring world-leading professors. Complete with a step-by-step procedure on how to optimise your indoor air quality strategy. Insights from the world’s most influential people on air quality, its effects and current strategies to improve air quality in our shared spaces