100 Life-Saving Ventilators delivered to Ethiopia

22 November 2021

100 Life-Saving Ventilators delivered to Ethiopia



Here at Santé, we love to do everything we can to help those in need.

We’ve been furthering our work with one of our partners, Good for Life in the donation of 100 life-saving ventilators for the Ethiopian Ministry of Health, as part of their COVID-19 critical care response. Santé appointed Good for Life founder, Adam Elson, an adoptive parent of two Ethiopian children to coordinate this donation and enable the FDA approved & ISO certified ventilators to be delivered free of charge into several Ethiopian health facilities.

As the first waves of COVID-19 hit Ethiopia, with a particularly high number of confirmed cases & new variants, the countries health system started to face many challenges, most notably with shortages of medical supplies & equipment. Assessments from the World Health Organization indicated extremely limited intensive care capacity for the treatment of COVID-19 cases in the event of future surges. Ultimately this ability to treat severe cases was dependent on the availability of ventilators, electricity & oxygen – all of which were scarce within the country.

The challenges Ethiopia faced in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 were enormous, and here at Santé, we felt an obligation to help out.

In conjunction with our approach to Next Generation Sourcing, we are dedicated to providing a positive social impact on society and communities across the globe. In this case, the reduction of COVID-19 transmission was our first priority, and the donation of 100 ventilators was one possible way to help out. We are committed to guaranteeing access & a solid supply of health-related equipment & consumables around the world and were grateful for the opportunity to support Ethiopia’s health system.

We will continue to invest resources and actively work towards providing positive transformational change across the globe, acting as good corporate citizens.

Check out our Sustainability pages for some additional detail around our work in society, our communities and the environment.


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