Glove Allergies Explained Part Four of Four

18 July 2021

How prevalent are non Latex allergies?

Very small – virtually non-existent when compared to Latex – generally it is urticaria caused by perspiration and lack of breathability

What are the types or symptoms of Latex allergies?

Symptoms are an itchy red rash, sometimes with small blisters. Often with Hives – raised red bumps that itch and cause swelling. Cracks can appear which can start to bleed or become infected.

How do you treat or prevent non Latex allergies?

Try Powder Free Gloves. Increase the frequency with which you change gloves. Speak to your Glove provider to understand the chemical resistance of the Glove to determine whether there could be chemical permeation. Try a Glove with a higher level of breathability. This issue is also more evident when a glove is too small. Overall, too-tight gloves create irritation and discomfort as the skin is unable to breathe inside the glove. Accelerator-free gloves are available for use by people who are highly sensitive to these additives. The subject of allergies is very comprehensive, but you will now see the many factors involved, we hope that by identifying the allergy it will help you solve the issue.

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