5 reasons why Rapid Antigen Tests are game-changing in the battle against COVID-19

23 January 2022


Rapid antigen tests offer results within only 15-30 minutes. On the other hand, most molecular tests can take days to produce results, and this inconvenient time-lag for a person taking a test, can also lead to outdated results, making them significantly less reliable.

Positive test result accuracy

Whilst this may have been a point of controversy recently, it remains true that are extremely accurate at finding positive test results and they will not provide a false-positive result. In any case, rapid antigen tests don’t necessarily have to replace molecular tests but rather can be used in conjunction with them to provide extremely accurate results.


These tests can be produced at a much lower cost than alterative test types. This means that they are more accessible to anyone and everyone. Distribution will become even more widespread as new manufacturers join the RAT market. This will in turn slow down the spread of COVID-19 and improve the effectiveness of the tests.


A further benefit of these tests is the fact that they can be interpreted easily, and by anyone. This is because they do not need a qualified health facilities and specialists to determine the results. This helps place people in control of their own health and removes any ambiguity or confusion.


Another advantage that rapid antigen tests have over PCR tests is comfort. Whilst PCR tests require a swab of the nasopharynx that many people find uncomfortable and painful, the antigen test uses just a shallow nasal swab using the nostrils. This could encourage people to use these tests more, leading to quicker detection.


These tests are more convenient because they streamline the testing process. They do this by cutting out the need to travel to testing sites, waiting to be tested, medical professionals to conduct tests, and laboratories to actually determine the results. Ultimately, this means a more convenient testing solution for everyone.


In summary, the rapid antigen test is a fast, user-friendly and effective method of testing which is playing an important role in the battle to contain and minimise COVID-19.