Are supply chain inefficiencies slowing your company down?

7 February 2022

Are supply chain inefficiencies slowing your company down?


Brexit, the US-China Trade War, a general geopolitical trend towards nationalization – and now, the COVID-19 Pandemic, have shifted the priorities of millions of procurement functions. No sure way exists for overcoming all such risks & threats to supply chains, but we’re seeing companies across the globe embark on a journey towards more resilient and efficient supply chains – with minimal intention of returning to status quo. Businesses, both large & small are under pressure to embrace the digital era and meet changing market dynamics – new technologies & shifting consumer demands. The rebalancing of efficiency & resilience will not be an easy journey, however the ability to flex the supply chain is no longer an option. It’s become a must-have in order to compete & win.

So, how do we improve efficiency across our supply chains?

Managing complexity and its related costs is a growing challenge. Today’s supply chains are often long and incredibly complex – with many origins and destinations.  No matter how efficient your supply chain is running, finding ways to improve your supply chain is something you should always be doing. An ineffective supply chain can be a huge drain on your resources, so it’s important that you strategically plan and have your supply chain as lean and cost-effective as possible. We’ve put together some key steps you can implement to increase your supply chain performance.


  1. 01 – Ensure you have a strong relationship with your suppliers
  2. Communication with your supplier base is key. Building strong relationships helps to gain better value for your company. The better you know your suppliers & the better they know you, the more likely you are to benefit from dedicated service, special terms and preferential pricing.
  3. 02 – Expand your supply chain visibility
  4. Building visibility into complex supply chains translates to fewer disruptions, increased customer satisfaction and lower costs. To increase this visibility, gather timely, relevant data across the organisation. Start with process improvements, a strong supply chain management software & driving efficiency from material sourcing to manufacturing to the end customer. A modern software system will give you access to date & analytics to ensure fully informed decisions.
  5. 03 – Build a team of supply chain experts
  6. Remember, your supply chain is only as efficient as the people who manage & implement the strategy. Across all aspects of the supply chain, staff should be trained on standard operating procedures to guarantee consistency, quality & accuracy in the decision making.
  7. 04 – Establish green initiatives across the supply chain
  8. Going green & introducing sustainability measures is a value that more and more customers are looking for. There’s a growing awareness of the steps that companies are taking (or not taking) to reduce their carbon footprint and impact on the environment. Try looking for 3PL partners that invest in eco-friendly initiatives or suppliers who allow you to use sustainable packaging solutions.
  9. 05 – Automate your supply chain processes
  10. Finding ways to automate supply chain processes is one of the best methods of improving efficiency, increase supply chain performance and velocity, reduce human error & save both time and money in the longer-term. Time consuming tasks such as order processing & packing doesn’t necessarily replace the need for human effort, but it will help to streamline operations and increase productivity.


How can you streamline your supply chain with Santé?


Santé Group is a Procurement & Supply Chain Consulting Firm – delivering agile sourcing & supply chain solutions across multiple sectors worldwide. We partner with our clients to assess procurement & supply challenges – gaining an understanding of their vision and working to unleash it’s full potential. How would you benefit in working with Santé?

A partner & extension to your team – Committed and reliable relationships built with our teams across the globe, ensuring your expectations are fulfilled & you are given complete peace of mind.

Years of procurement expertise & insights – Our extensive reach & on the ground resources allow us to maximise & implement a diverse range of client solutions.

Knowledge of multiple sectors and geographies – Operating in 26 countries globally, across a number of sectors gives us the speed & ability to understand your vision & consolidate a single, simplified solution.

Improving processes & reducing risk – Our dedicated teams will work with you to streamline and monitor all internal processes, along with a consistent approach of risk mitigation & reduction.