Blue Superstretch Gloves vs. Standard Blue Vinyl Gloves

27 January 2021

Blue Superstretch Gloves vs. Standard Blue Vinyl Gloves

The Santé Blue Superstretch Disposable Gloves are a cost effective substitute for the original Disposable Vinyl Glove. The below comparative chart will help you determine whether you can substitute your Vinyl gloves for the Superstretch glove.

Comparison Blue Superstretch Disposable Gloves Original Blue Vinyl Disposable Gloves
Latex Free – reducing the risk of allergic reaction Yes Yes
Cheaper than Latex and Nitrile Gloves Yes Yes
Comfortable and Dextrous Yes No
1.5AQL Medical Grade Yes No
Food Safe Yes Yes
CE/HACCP/FDA Approved Yes Yes
Safe for use with fatty foods Yes Yes

We have successfully run a number of trials with companies in the food processing and preparing sector, these trials resulted in a switch from Vinyl to Superstretch. Superstretch gloves are an extremely cost effective option for areas of short term and basic hand protection requirements.