Sourcing Gluten-Free Oats during a drought


Avena Foods



  • Product Gluten Free Oats
  • Quantity 400 MT

Client Need

Avena were struggling to source gluten-free oats due to the drought in the Canadian crops. Shipping rates were at a record high and availability for the product was very limited. Avena’s traditional suppliers (Canadian farmers) were unable to supply the total volume required, meaning their long-term client was at risk of being short to their needs or moving to another supplier.

Tradelink Solution

Tradelink, who had been monitoring the market, predicted a shortage for the 2022 crop and had been able to proactively source the product from Australia. We arranged farm visits, lab testing, samples and ensured all documentation was approved by Canada. Two trial containers of the raw Australian oats were shipped to Avena – however the product was high in unusable material and the barley count was too high.
Working alongside Santé’s extensive sourcing team, Tradelink were able to secure the relevant product within Chile. Our combined teams were able to locate the product, verify it, test it, and had the team fly to Chile from Buenos Aires to witness the verification and testing processes. 100+ gluten tests were conducted over the course of a month with the results being shared with Avena in their weekly call.

End Result

Avena were supplied with 400 MT of gluten-free oats, ensuring they retained their long-term client. Tradelink & Santé guaranteed the quality was verified and all Import/Export regulations were complied with. They also arranged all logistics for Avena to ensure the entire process was a success.


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