Mechanix Wear Private Label Custom Gloves

  • Product OEM Custom Glove
  • Quantity 20 Million pieces / yr
  • Timing Ongoing

Who are Mechanix Wear?

Mechanix Wear is a renowned provider of high-performance gloves, catering to various industries but primarily focused on reusable work gloves. They approached Santé Group, a reputable glove manufacturer, with the goal of expanding their product line into the disposable space by introducing a custom private label glove offering.

Client Need

Mechanix Wear required a partner who could develop a custom private label glove line that met their specifications. The gloves needed to be durable, comfortable, and provide optimal hand protection.

Santé Solution

Santé Group collaborated closely with Mechanix Wear’s product development team to assess their specific requirements. Through detailed discussions, they gathered information on glove design, materials, features, sizing, and performance characteristics. Santé Group then developed multiple prototypes based on these specifications. Mechanix Wear thoroughly evaluated each sample, providing iterative feedback until the final prototype met their stringent standards.

Once the design was finalized, Santé Group commenced large-scale manufacturing, ensuring strict quality control measures were in place. Every production batch underwent comprehensive testing, including performance evaluations, material inspections, and quality assurance checks. Santé Group also worked closely with the packaging and logistics teams at Mechanix Wear to ensure that the custom private label gloves were packaged according to branding guidelines and delivered on time.

End Result

The collaboration between Santé Group and Mechanix Wear resulted in the successful launch of a custom private label glove line.


The gloves met the specifications required by Mechanix Wear, providing exceptional durability, comfort, and hand protection. Mechanix Wear’s customers responded positively to the tailored design, branding, and superior quality of the gloves, and demand continues to grow. The partnership between Santé Group and Mechanix Wear was strengthened, paving the way for future product development initiatives.



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