Post-COVID Procurement Insights in the Global Healthcare Market

9 March 2021

Post-COVID Procurement Insights in the Global Healthcare Market

As leaders in PPE procurement solutions, Santé is continuously adapting and responding to market challenges and threats to supply chain. To gain greater insights into the impacts of COVID-19 on Healthcare specialists (Clinicians and Procurement Officers), what now matters most as we emerge from the pandemic, we embarked upon a series of engagement sessions with leaders from Healthcare organisations.

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As a result, we’ve developed a white paper to share the insights that were uncovered through this interview program, focussing on these key areas:

  • Top non-negotiables when procuring
  • Top Procurement Challenges – pre-pandemic, during pandemic and post-pandemic
  • Local manufacturing – the new way forward?
  • Contracts changing post-COVID
  • Fraudulent product experiences and risks
  • Rank of influence over decision making

2021_01 APAC Post-COVID Insights pres2“The top ten suppliers have done the same thing for years. It’s about trying to find innovators. Not just a product, but a service. There’s alot of new suppliers, what are they going to do that’s going to be different?”

Director at Private Health organisation – Australia

We warmly thank everyone who participated in this program, giving their time, knowledge and experience towards a better understanding of the impacts of COVID on supply chain.