Santé: A message from the Directors

7 October 2020

A message from the Directors

As we wrap up quarter three and look forward with optimism to closing out 2020, we continue to take time to reflect on the unprecedented challenges that have faced us this year. We extend a note of sincere gratitude to those who have worked tirelessly on the front lines and extend deep sympathy to those who have fallen victim to the undiscriminating virus.

The disruption of COVID-19, the geopolitical tensions and the increase in unethical practices has placed an unrelenting strain on the global healthcare supply chain.

Providing certainty in these unprecedented times is a challenge that faces us all, and the global Santé Team is standing strong by its mission; enhancing patient outcomes, ensuring cost certainty and eliminating workforce risks.

Working at the coal face with leading healthcare providers globally, we’ve witnessed firsthand the pressure to maintain an acceptable supply chain while holding to our long-established globally recognized standards.

This challenge has further driven our desire to find a better way, and with Project Management at the core of our DNA, we have done just that! Our global supply chain team’s client-centric consultancy approach is continuing to drive accountability, reliability, risk mitigation and quality control into every supplier we onboard, guaranteeing our customers the quality assurance they deserve.

We trust you find our latest newsletter insightful and aligned with the interests of our industry.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Stay Well and Warm Regards,