101 – Medical Device and Personal Protection Symbols

3 November 2021

Medical Device & Personal Protection Symbols 101


The nature of Medical Devices and Personal Protective Equipment emphasizes the importance of being aware & compliant with all the surrounding regulations and standards. There are more than 20 official languages in Europe alone, which creates a necessity to translate medical device label information into multiple languages, subject to where the product is being sold and used.

Such a requirement is easily dealt with by using symbols.  Symbols are efficient and internationally recognized concepts, allowing all required information to be easily accessible and readable to medical device users. However, due to the volume of symbols globally, it can sometimes become confusing to understand, which is why Santé have compiled the below guide to medical device symbols.

Disclaimer – The above Medical Device Symbol images are not in required pixels or size and are therefore not the exact representation of standard. The above information is intended for informational purposes only & should not be construed as legal advice for regulatory submissions.

Nurse wearing a gown