Specialist gloves for the Automotive Industry

4 May 2021

Choosing the right glove in the Automotive Industry

What was the impact of COVID-19 on disposable gloves for the automotive industry?

March 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic. In the months that followed, glove manufacturers worldwide were forced to shift all production lines to facilitate fast peaking demand for Blue Nitrile medical grade gloves. The speed in which the virus started to spread and the corresponding correlation with medical glove demand meant that glove manufacturers had little option but to close production for specialist glove lines.

This production was fast replaced with medical gloves suited for use within healthcare facilities, in a desperate attempt to close the gap between the supply and demand. An obvious impact of this was a considerable shortage of specialist gloves suited to those in industries outside of healthcare, particularly the automotive sector.

Here at Santé, we are pleased to re-introduce our specialist range including: black nitrile, orange nitrile and a diamond grip glove – all perfect for use in the automotive industry. Our disposable nitrile gloves have been carefully developed to ensure complete protection, suitable for the most punishing of tasks. Read on for a comprehensive guide on the different factors to consider when looking to procure specialist disposable gloves.

Factors to consider when procuring Specialist Nitrile Gloves

Preventing long-lasting damage and preserving hands remains a huge priority in the automotive industry, where hands are routinely subjected to corrosive materials, abrasive objects, and other potentially harmful materials.

As many as 1 million hand injuries occur in workplaces each year. Evaluating the associated risk and choosing the appropriate nitrile glove is imperative to guaranteeing maximum protection from any threat posed to those working in the industry.

It is often hard to find a suitable glove when requiring something hard-wearing with good finger dexterity and an ability to handle grease and chemicals. Workers in this industry are frequently exposed to a variety of fluids and substances which can cause harm to skin and be hard to wash off if handled barehanded.
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So, which Santé glove is right for you?

Choosing the right gloves for this industry comes down to a number of basic considerations. Typically, the automotive industry would consider the following factors:

  • What level of risk are the hands exposed to?
  • Which glove materials best suit the application?
  • What level of grip and protection should the glove provide?
  • The level of intricacy of the task

Here at Santé we have established three key product lines suited to this industry: black nitrile, orange nitrile and a diamond grip nitrile glove. The below information evaluates the key benefits of these products for you to consider when procuring specialist gloves.

Powder Free
As with all of our specialist disposable nitrile glove range, a powder free option is always chosen over the powdered variety. Whilst the powder in the gloves can assist in the donning and doffing procedures, the powder can harm substances and therefore be detrimental to the task on hand. Our orange, black and diamond grip nitrile gloves all remain powder free to ensure you are able to perform the task on hand.

Strength and Durability
Our specialist nitrile glove range is typically 3-5 times more puncture and chemical resistant then both latex and vinyl. Mechanics working with strong substances and handling sharp parts and tools need to be able to have a glove that is fully durable and able to withstand the pressure applied.

Working in this industry involves care for the hands in order to not lose mobility in wrists, hands and fingers due to repetitive strain. To help decrease hand fatigue, our specialist range provides a flexible grip to prevent straining against the glove as the task is being performed.

Tear Resistance
Latex gloves tear easily if caught on a sharp edge. Once this occurs, the glove is essentially useless, making nitrile a more durable option – resisting abrasions, scratches and minor cuts and tears.

Dexterity and Grip
Keeping hands protected is about more than just covering them in durable material, they need to be functional and allow hands to move around freely to perform the task at hand. Some tasks performed have a high level of intricacy, particularly when handling small tools. Our specialist range will help to increase your control and ensure movement is completely unrestricted. Most notably, the diamond grip nitrile glove range creates space within the glove, reducing sweat and further increasing grip for optimum performance.

Here at Santé, we have worked to adopt the latest in technologies and materials to produce industry-specific gloves for every application. Our range of specialist black, orange and diamond grip nitrile gloves combine performance, chemical protection, comfort and durability, offering a perfect solution for workers right across the sector.

For any additional information, request a discussion with a Sante specialist here.

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