Top Challenges Procurement Professionals Face in Infrastructure Delivery Consortiums

13 December 2022

Procurement professionals who work in infrastructure consortiums may encounter various challenges, which include:

  • Procurement processes for infrastructure projects are usually intricate, involving multiple suppliers, contracts, and stakeholders. Procurement professionals need to proficiently manage these complexities and guarantee that all parties collaborate effectively.
  • Procurement professionals may be required to manage and minimize various risks associated with infrastructure projects, such as those related to cost, schedule, quality, and performance.
  • Procurement professionals working in infrastructure consortiums may have the responsibility of ensuring compliance with a variety of laws, policies, and regulations, such as those related to procurement, labor standards, and environmental protection.
  • Collaboration with consortium members is a crucial aspect of procurement in infrastructure consortiums, which often involves working closely with other public and private sector organizations. Procurement professionals should build and sustain effective working relationships with these partners to ensure smooth operations.
  • In infrastructure consortiums, procurement professionals face the challenge of balancing the requirement to manage costs with the need to provide value for money and accomplish the project’s goals. This can be especially demanding in an environment where consortium members may have conflicting priorities.